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We are now ready to start adding value to clients, and are actively seeking clients. We would like to showcase our value through small projects.

BisImpact is a social impact consultancy that supports its clients to improve results in a meaningful way.

In many countries, agriculture value-chains are a major source of income. Women are often disproportionately represented in low income generating segments.

Tourism often supports multiple livelihoods; working with individuals within these industries will be critical to appropriate Covid-19 economic recovery.

Human action is having a devastating impact on our oceans, seas and the wider ecosystem. Behavioural change has to be carefully planned.

Trade is central to economic growth. Digital mechanisms are ever more crucial.

Large urban centres continue to amaze the world, finding solutions to congestion , urban poverty and inequality requires sustained innovation.

Growing domestic businesses solving localised problems can rapidly create many jobs.

We advise institutional leaders and other changemakers on the broader implications of management decisions e.g. on the climate, in job creation and social consequences by taking into account multiplier and spillover effects.

For us, growth of the bottom-line is not enough. In the 21st century, clients and consumers now expect to see their partners of choice contribute back into society. We work closely with businesses that are attuned to these ground realities and want to make a social contribution back, to do so in the most constructive way. We apply our expertise in Economics and Consultancy to help management teams identify the causes they want to support, the areas where they can create additional value and support them to really make a difference. We support philanthropists with their deepest passions. Having a vision is one thing, but knowing how to execute is another.

We are a group of analytically minded individuals who seek to provide a new perspective on decision-making through evidence based advice.

In everything we do, we realise it is important to first identify the areas where additionality can be brought. That way, we can leverage scarce resource to have maximum impact and not crowd out or substitute the positive work of others.

Known as experts at supporting corporate entities and philanthropists to make a social difference.

Our people have professional and academic backgrounds that can be directly utilised to stimulate a canvass of uncaptured viewpoints. By contributing in this way, we diversify mindsets and enhance outcomes. At the same time, our staff are alert to the necessary goals of our stakeholders.

Building long-term relationships is at the heart of our business model; we place great emphasis in how we do things rather than simply doing.

We always consider plausible benchmarks and pride ourselves on finding solutions in data-poor environments. Our working ethos constantly embraces feedback, and we guarantee enthusiasm and passion.

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